Deep Conditioning Curl Treatment Cap

  • $35.00

Dramatically improves the result of your favorite deep conditioner, hair masque, oil, or other hair treatment with our microwavable deep conditioning heat cap. Without heat, your hair treatment can only do so much to improve the quality of your hair. Typically, the hair cuticle is closed, so the treatment is only able to work on the surface of the hair shaft. The results are minimal and superficial when compared to heat enhanced deep conditioning treatments. Our treatment cap enables the hair cuticle to open for an extended period, allowing the hair treatment to penetrate the hair shaft, nourishing it from the inside out. 

  • Reversible
  • Available in multiple styles
  • Easy to use
  • Salon quality treatment in your home
  • For all hair types and textures
  • Reusable
  • Produces enough heat for a 20-45 minute treatment
  • Filled with natural flaxseed
  • No cords, No plugs - Freedom to move about while deep conditioning your hair


Non refundable if used for sanitary reasons

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Vanessa Kravitz
Perfect for deep conditioning

Love it just do NOT but it in microwave too long

miki p.
I love it a great deal!

So far, it's been a very good experience. It does cool down pretty quickly, however, so I have to keep heating it intermittently.

Ravin S.
Love my Deep Conditioning cap!

I love this item! It stayed nice and warm throughout my treatment although I did have to warm it an extra 30 seconds because of my microwaves low wattage. My only down fall is the cap is very fitted lol I have a pretty big head. I did feel that my hair retained more moisture from my treatment by using the cap! This is definitely a great item to add to wash day. :)

Toinina W.
Treatment Cap

Not bad but I had to reheat 3 or 4 Times was because of the heat not warmer enough.

Marjorie T.
Great alternative to direct heat!

My girls do not like being under a hot hair dryer for deep treatment so this has been a wonderful alternative. My girls get the deep treatment they need and I have the peace of mind that the heat from the cap is helping to open the cuticle for the treatment.

Zsapora P.
Conditioning Cap

This conditioning Cap is a wonder product to purchase for hair health care. The Cap holds heat well just flip inside out and heat as instructed. Wonderful design along with graphics great quality of material.

Love this cap!!!

This cap is amazing!!! It really feels like you're under a hooded dryer. I would highly recommend!!!

Regina C.
Deep Condtiong Curl Treatment Cap

Still on the fence about this. Wish it wasn't so expensive but, it's part of my hair care regimen.

Michaela N.
Great asset

I love the effectiveness and mobility this deep conditioning cap provides. It's a must have.

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