All I’ve ever wanted in life…

Is to be able to give our natural hair a way to grow, thrive and bounce the way it was meant to (and low calorie chocolate cake… lol)

Ok, seriously, I started on my hair journey at five years old, when my white mom would “comb” and pull at my natural curls while I sat there crying, trying to sit through the pain. Finally she gave up and I ended up with a massive, uneven ‘fro that no one wanted to tackle!

My Caribbean Dad then took up the task and tried his hand at it, and started using a special oil treatment that the women in my village would make in their hearths and use for hair.

As soon as my father started using it in my hair, it got ‘somewhat manageable’... LOL..

In my teenage years and twenties I went through thousands of dollars trying synthetic chemical gels, shampoos and conditioners that most ‘black’ stores have, trying to get that ‘natural’ look.

One after another, I burned through my small money and turned my hair into an unhealthy, chemical infused ‘fro that was far from healthy.

That made me go back to my roots and the secret recipe Daddy found. Since then, I’ve been testing, trying and formulating my own mixes of that recipe to get it ‘just right’.

Anyway, along the way, I’ve picked up some great combs and wraps that help to care for my hair. And I started to get compliments from women, men and other natural hair girls everywhere I went “Great hair!”.. “I love your hair!”

“Oh… If you only knew what I went through to get here”... I would say to myself...

So I started sharing the recipes and formulas from kitchen that worked with my friends who have the same challenges us ‘Natural Hair’ girls do.

And they would always come back for more!

So, using the wisdom & knowledge from my family’s Afro-Caribbean heritage, I’ve adapted the hair recipes and treatments passed on from mothers, grandmothers and village neighbors who have known all along what was good for us - but with a modern twist.

I created the Natural Curls Club as a way to help other women just like me live their best lives - naturally - the way it was meant to be.

Welcome to the family. You’re home now.


Annie Dee

Natural Curls Club