Extra Large 40x40 100% Pure Silk Hair Wrap

  • $24.99

Keep Curls Moisturized and Frizz-Free

Finding it hard to find the perfect fit to hold your Natural Curls in place during the night? 

This Pure Silk Scarf is the perfect way to keep your Natural Curls moisturized, frizz free and looking good. 

- 100% Natural Protein Silk

- Breathable

- Comfortable

- Conveniently Large For Big Hair

- SUPER Soft

40"x 40"

Can be machine washed and dried on delicate cycle

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Kerry Scharschmidt
I love their silk scarves!

This is my third time ordering. I have both the large and extra large. I prefer the 40”x40” and have 5 of them. I only wish they had more colors. I use two at a time, one to sleep with and one to put on my hair before showering and washing my face. I switch both out after about 4 days to keep my hair and my skin clean. They are very machine friendly and have stood up to many washes. And the pure silk is great at keeping the moisture in my 3C hair. I highly recommend.

Jocelyn Barton
Great scarf

The experience of purchasing this scarf is great! The scarf is thick quality, premium silk. So glad I made this purchase.

Tosha F.
Just Amazing!!!!

Large enough to wrap around my head twice... and I have a big head! No complaints whatsoever. I want to purchase another one so I have a backup, but there’s a limited selection of colors offered.

Anne S.
Great customer service

I received my head wrap on time, and it keeps my hair moisture in.


Pretty and large enough to wrap head and CS gave great assistance

Erica K.
Perfect for me

Experience is better than I expected. The scarf is luxury quality silk and not flimsy. Size is bigger than I thought too. It doesn't slide off of my head at night. Keeps my natural hair in whatever style I had it in on that day, doesn't dry out the moisture.

Lorraine S.
Best scarf ever

These scarves are huge and beautiful. I love them and will give them as gifts

Halima D.

This covers my whole head and I like the fact that it's sturdy.

Laurie S.
Love my hair wrap! :)

Everything I could have asked for and more! Since using this scarf my curls have been able to retain so much more moisture. It is really big too which is a huge plus. I have big fluffy hair that is just above my bra when in its curly natural state.

Denise F.
It’s HUGE!!!

I was so excited to see how big this scarf is! I received it on the same day I received some custom cork boards and they were such a disappointment. Then I opened my scarf and was amazed! I showed my sister and my daughter who are also natural so maybe they’ll get one too! It’s also so soft and smooth. I plan to look up different ways to tie a scarf so I can wear it out more. This scarf is not just for bedtime!

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